In a previous review named EXPEDICIÓN MOUNT WHITNEY, the most remarkable range of mountains in USA and North America is the ROCKY MOUNTAINS, a gross spine extended form Alaska through New Mexico. It's the "Montañas Rocosas" o Rocky Mountains en North America.

Rocky Mountains.

The Rockies enclose the highest top around the USA and North America, namely, the 
Mount McKinley or Denali (6.194 m / 20,320 ft), as well as the highest top around Canada, the Mount Logan (5.959 m / 19,551 ft), besides other summits above 5.000m heightness. It's curious that, despite the high concentration of peaks above 4.000m height, the highest top around the contiguous states is the MOUNT WHITNEY (4.421 m / 14,505 ft), whithin the High Sierra o Sierra Nevada of California.

Rocky Mountains is 5.000 km - 3,100 miles long, most of it into the USA, crossing Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Here's the overall situation of the Rockies in USA.

Rocky Mountains in the US.

Considering the US CUSTOMARY SYSTEM the magic threshold is 14,000 feet, so the big shots are named after this, as Fourteeners or 14ers . For us, as Europeans, the international systme is customary, and a Fourteener is the equivalent to 4.268 meters. Hence, if you are not American, don't mislead Fourteeners by "cuatromiles". 

It's customary to sort the Fourteeners (14ers) according to the state pertaining to, in spite of the range wherein attached; even considering the fact that the summits might pertain to very different system ranges.

Most of our research has met information about Colorado Fourteeners o California Fourteeners, instead of "Rocky Mountains Fourteeners" or "High Sierra Fourteeners". That's the reason why the attached list is sorted by FOURTEENERS OF USA OR US FOURTEENERS and the CONTINENTAL US FOURTEENERS. The Contiguous US or Continental US consist of the 48 contiguous states besides Washington D.C., as part of the United States of America, disregarding Alaska and Hawai.

Now, following meet the 70 Contiguous US Fourteeners by states:

- 54 Fourteeners in Colorado
- 15 Fourteeners in California
- 01 Fourteeners in Washington

On the other hand, the 70 Contiguous US Fourteeners spread out by ranges like follows:

- 54 Fourteeners in Rocky Mountains of Colorado, pertaining the Southern Rocky Mountains
- 13 Fourteeners en High Sierra or Sierra Nevada of California
- 01 Fourteeners in White-Inyo Mountains of California
- 01 Fourtenners in Cascada Range of California
- 01 Fourteeners in Cascada Range of Washington

We're a bit picky with this, so that we've developed a list of the Fourteeners of the Rockies, or Fourteeners of Colorado, which is the same, curiosuly. In fact, the Fourteeners located in the Rockies, considering both of USA and Canada, are all of them within Colorado State. For such  reason,it's usual to mention the Colorado Fourteeners instead the Rocky Mountains Fourteeners. The highest point of the Rockies is the Mount Elbert (4.401 m / 14,440 ft), which is, at the same time, the highest point of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and of Colorado State. Besides, it's the second top aroung  the contiguous US, just behind the granitic mith of MOUNT WHITNEY (4.421 m / 14,505 ft).

In this section, it's enclosed the list of 59 FOURTEENERS OF THE ROCKIES, or COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAINS, OR FOURTEENERS OF COLORADO, sorted by heightness and based on the list published here:


As explained at 14ERS.COM, we've included all 14,000 ft peaks, no matter how prominent they're, as long as they're acknowledged by the UNITED STATES GEOLOGYCAL SURVEY USGS.

The last column includes the date we've climbed it, if such is the case. From the 54 FOURTEENERS (14,000 FEET) of the Rockies, you'll find 5 CLIMBINGS succesfully accomplished by us.

MOUNT ELBERT 14,433 ft Sawatch Range 2013/08/26
MOUNT MASSIVE 14,421 ft Sawatch Range -
MOUNT HARVARD 14,420 ft Sawatch Range -
BLANCA PEAK 14,345 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
LA PLATA PEAK 14,336 ft Sawatch Range 2013/08/24
UMCOMPAHGRE PEAK 14,309 ft San Juan Range -
CRESTONE PEAK 14,294 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
MOUNT LINCOLN 14,286 ft Mosquito Range -
GRAYS PEAK 14,270 ft Front Range -
MOUNT ANTERO 14,269 ft Sawatch Range -
TORREYS PEAK 14,267 ft Front Range -
CASTLE PEAK 14,265 ft Elk Range 2013/08/28
QUANDARY PEAK 14,265 ft Tenmile Range -
MOUNT EVANS 14,264 ft Front Range -
LONGS PEAK 14,255 ft Front Range -
MOUNT WILSON 14,246 ft San Juan Range -
MOUNT CAMERON 14,238 ft Mosquito Range -
MOUNT SAVANO 14,229 ft Sawatch Range -
CRESTONE NEEDLE 14,197 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
MOUNT BELFORD 14,197 ft Sawatch Range -
MOUNT PRINCETON 14,197 ft Sawatch Range -
MOUNT YALE 14,196 ft Sawatch Range -
MOUNT BROSS 14,172 ft Mosquito Range -
KIT CARSON PEAK 14,165 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
EL DIENTE PEAK 14,159 ft San Juan Range -
MAROON PEAK 14,156 ft Elk Range -
TABEGUACHE PEAK 14,155 ft Sawatch Range -
MOUNT OXFORD 14,153 ft Sawatch Range -
MOUNT SNEFFELS 14,150 ft San Juan Range -
MOUNT DEMOCRAT 14,148 ft Mosquito Range -
MOUNT CAPITOL 14,130 ft San Juan Range -
PIKES PEAK 14,110 ft Front Range -
SNOWMASS MOUNTAIN 14,092 ft Elk Range -
MOUNT EOLUS 14,083 ft San Juan Range -
WINDOM PEAK 14,082 ft San Juan Range -
CHALLENGER POINT 14,081 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
MOUNT COLUMBIA 14,073 ft Sawatch Range -
MISSOURI MOUNTAIN 14,067 ft Sawatch Range -
HUMBOLDT PEAK 14,064 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
MOUNT BIERSTADT 14,060 ft Front Range -
CONUNDRUM PEAK 14,060 ft Elk Range 2013/08/28
SUNLIGHT PEAK 14,059 ft San Juan Range -
HANDIES PEAK 14,048 ft San Juan Range -
CULEBRA PEAK 14,047 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
ELLINGWOOD POINT 14,042 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
MOUNT LINDSEY 14,042 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
NORTH EOLUS 14,039 ft San Juan Range -
LITTLE BEAR PEAK 14,037 ft Sangre de Cristo Range -
MOUNT SHERMAN 14,036 ft Mosquito Range -
REDCLOUD PEAK 14,034 ft San Juan Range -
PYRAMID PEAK 14,018 ft Elk Range 2013/08/20
WILSON PEAK 14,017 ft San Juan Range -
WETTERHORN PEAK 14,015 ft San Juan Range -
SAN LUIS PEAK 14,014 ft San Juan Range -
NORTH MARRON PEAK 14,014 ft Elk Range -
MOUNT OF THE HOLY CROSS 14,005 ft Sawatch Range -
HURON PEAK 14,003 ft Sawatch Range -
SUNSHINE PEAK 14,001 ft San Juan Range -

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