Because of a travel business to the Island of Tenerife, for a week, I´m taking the opportunity to visit the Mountain of Guajara and, by the way, going to the famous billet-painted 'Roques de García'.

The Mountain of Guajara is the fourth top of the Canary Islands, below the Peaks Teide, 'Pico Viejo' and 'Montaña Blanca'. Indeed, it's a good viewpoint for the highest-top of Spain (the Peak Teide), due to the fact that it's in front of this one, in the area named 'Circo de las Cañadas'.

Spanish version in this link: MONTAÑA DE GUAJARA (2.718 m)

Natural Park of Teide. Tenerife Island. Canary Islands.

Parking area of 'Ermita de las Nieves', next to the resort 'Parador Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide'.

Starting from the village 'La Orotava', take the road TF-21, and follow the signs tha National Park of Teide, that is very well signed. Go up the Valley of 'la Orotava', in this road. Then, go through the Canary Pines forest, untill the end of it, so then you would have get into the National Park. Once into the Park, past the parking for the route for the Hut of Altavista and 'Montaña Blanca', drive a few kilometres untill the exit to 'Parador Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide' and 'Ermita de las Nieves'. There you'll find a big parking area.

To get to 'La Orotava' (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), take a look in GUIA REPSOL.

Tenerife Holiday map 1:50.000. Kümmerly+Frey.
Tenerife Islas Canarias 1:75.000. freytag&berndt Editions.


UNEVENESS: 800 m – 2,624 ft (+/-)
TOTAL DISTANCE: 9 km – 5.59 miles.
TOTAL TIME: 03:45 hours (estimated).
1st grade climbs (very easy scramble) in the path surrounding the North Face of the Mountain of Guajara , as you are near the top.

GEARS: Don’t forget a hat and sun glasses!

After parking the car, I move a few meters to the resort. As I get there, it begins a path on South-East direction. It seems as if the path goes up to the mountain.

Although It’s not said in this sign.

Luckily, the mountain is near here.

There is the omnipresent Teide.

The path has many small landmarks. I move by a flat way; soon I croos a track that I should use to get back later. So I go up by the path, to a pass over here.

The Peak Teide again, can hardly seen the cable cars settled on it.

As I get to the pass, take a look at the West side of 'Las Cañadas del Teide'.

There It is the Teide itself, 'Montaña Blanca' is on its left.

From this pass, I go up by the path, to another pass on the West of the Mountain Guajara.

The Peak Teide continuously watchs for me.

I find a Pinus canariensis, endemic from these islands.

I ascend the path in a tipycal summer-hot-sunny-day in Canaries.

Before getting the Mountain Guajara.

There is the Teide, I can see the solid lava flows produced over the last erupcions.

I get to the pass, settled over 2.413 meters – 7.916 feets. I take the opportunity have a drink of water and for take a look around.

The 'Roques de García' are on one side of the road, instead the 'Ermita de las Nieves' is on th other side.

The Peak Teide and 'Montaña Blanca'.

The path to go forth.

Move up surrounding the west slope of the mountain. If you don’t like big spiders, don’t even try to get out of the path.

A few meters above, that’s where I’ve got to go forth .

Haven’t you still seen enough the Peak Teide? Here again.

And the pass where I’ve came from.

From this point, I move around the North slope of the mountain, and following the small landmarks which guide me by the best way.

Great Teide!

Take a look again.

I go across a rock slide and little later find an easy scramble to do. Soon I walk again near to the top of the Guajara.

Here are an observatory ruins.

I find this sign.

Summit of Mountain of Guajara (2,718 m – 8,917 ft).

This is a wonderful viewpoint, as I said. But it comes the sunset, so I drink some water and prepare for getting back.

So before going, take a look at the Teide and the 'Pico Viejo'.

The 'Roques de García' shaped by the sunbeams.

Westwards, I see the landscape of 'Las Cañadas del Teide'.

There is blured mist over the sea, as I’m heading south.

The south coast of the island.

There is the ancient observatory, further.

With some king of rare-flowered-plant, wich is probalbly endemic from here.

This is for your photo album, don’t you like?

It’s getting late. So definitely I get back.

The solid lava flows forever coating the space of ‘Las Cañadas del Teide’.

Just on the top of those mountains, the Teide’s National Observatory.

Remind you that this is one of the most clean atmospheres around the world. A nice place to see the stars all along the year, on the beach as over the tops.

The lava flows seem like chocolate spreads over the island.

Feel like in another world here!

The lava flows look like a reddish frozen ocean.

Younger flows are darker. Maybe they aren’t as rusty as the elders.

The huge crate of the 'Pico Viejo' is shaped on the horizon, as if it was a Teide’s soulder.

It’s so good to be here, I understand why this is a National Park.

So I leave my dreams up there and get bak on my way. Remeber not to get out of the path, big spiders watching!

As I get to the pass settled over 2,413 meters – 7,916 feets, I turn towards another pass near the path.

Back again at the pass, I take a last picture of Mountain of Guajara.

I leave behind the pass.

See the Teide form here.

I descend fast till the track I founded before.

The sun is almost gone.

There is the resort, in front of Teide, a nice place for a rest.

And I say good bye to the Mountain of Guajara.

Before going, I take the opportunity to visit the 'Roques de García'.

While the sun goes down.

Past the parking area of the 'Ermita de las Nieves'.

Until the detour for 'Roques de García'.

The sign.

I follow a clear path, despite It’s almost night.

The 'Roques' are well shaped.

Walking the path.

See the famous-in-Spain 'Roque Cinchado' and the Teide is in the background.

It's famous because is the main character in the old '1.000 pesetas' bills, former Spanish currency before Euro (€).

A few meters form there, another cheaper.

I approach to the feet of 'Roque Cinchado'.

A last sight on the Teide.

I get back by the path to my car and I go back to the hotel, to have a deserved rest, furthermore, tomorrow I’ll have to get up early.

To look for another Climbings in English Version, click on this link: RANK OF PEAKS. ENGLISH VERSION.

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