POSETS (11,072 ft) - TUQUETA ROYA (10,748 ft). NORMAL ROUTE OR CANAL FONDA (F+/400 m/40º máx). ENGLISH VERSION

2009/01/02 and 2009/01/03

In spite of the bad weather and the mounts of snow fallen in the last weeks, we are to go to Eriste, to the Hut of Angel Orús, to take our chance for the Peak Posets.

Last year, by the same time, we must be satisfied with the Peak Tuca Alta. We're back again for a winter ascend to the Posets.

Spanish version in this link: POSETS (3.375 m) - TUQUETA ROYA (3.276 m). VÍA NORMAL O CANAL FONDA (F+/400 m/40º máx)

Natural Park of Posets-Maladeta. Huesca´s Pyrenees.


Village of Eriste, next to road A-139 wich drives you to Benasque.

You may take your car up to the parking area of Pleta del Estadillo. This way you shall save yourself from more than 1.600 ft unevenness, and roun 1 hour of walk. According to this, take the track at left-hand once you have passed the village of Eriste. This exit is less than 550 yards from Eriste. It's perfectly signed as "REFUGIO ANGEL ORÚS". Be advised that this track shall be useless in the winter and early spring. It's only recommended in summer, late spring and early outum.

To go to Eriste (province of Huesca), loof for GUIA REPSOL.

Benasque Valley 1:30.000. Alpina Editions.
Benasque-Ball de Benás 1:40.000. Pirineo Editions.


UNEVENNESS: 1.000 m - 3.280 ft (+)
TOTAL DISTANCE: 7,5 km - 4,3 miles.
TOTAL TIME: 03:15 hours.
Route by path and track.

GEARS: Basic winter equipment.

As we said before, the present probably would be dangerous to drive upwards by the track. So we park the car in Eriste.

Furthermore, if we luckily leave the car at Pleta del Estadillo, by the time we would turn back, we might find a rock slice or anything else, in the middle or the way.

After preparing back-packs and having some meal, we start to walk through the Village of Eriste. You only have to folow the sights of the path of PR 11.

After have passed Erite, thast´s the path we will come along with.

We go by the path till the ancient Bridge of Tramarrius. From here we nearly will take the "famous" track to Pleta del Estadillo wich comes from Eriste's ouskirts.

The 'Aigüeta de Grist o de Eriste'.

Once on the track, we move towards Pleta del Estallo. There isn't such snow as we expeted. Enougth to make use of tyre chains if we had come by car.

At the area of the Pleta del Estallo, the sights of the hut.

We are near the Bridge d'Espigantosa. Here is te dead end. From now on we will go by the path, through the forest untill the pass named 'Paset del Onso'. It's an easy way to go.

There on the background, the 'Tucas'.

Mane is beside me.

As small waterfall.

By this time, we have passed the area nemed 'Pleta de les Rieberes'. This part of the route is a flat way. Soon, we move left-handed, and face the last but steepests slopesto the hut. At last, the afternoon is getting sunny.

There is where we come from.

Pretty short way to arrive.

In front of the hut.

After checking in, we have the dinner, and prepare for tomorrow. We hope the weather shall give a chance.

2009/01/03. CLIMB TO POSETS (3.375 m - 11.072 ft) - TUQUETA ROYA (3.276 m - 10.748 ft)

The main target of the climb is the Peak Posets. This is the second altitude in Pyrenee. It's one of the bests viewpoints in the Pyrenee.

Hut Ángel Orús, opened the whole year.

For further information: REFUGIO ANGEL ORUS.

Valley of Benasque 1:30.000. Alpina Editions.
Benasque-Ball de Benás 1:40.000. Pirineo Editions.


UNEVENNESS: 1.300 m - 4.265 ft (+/-)
TOTAL DISTANCE: 9 km - 5,59 miles.
TOTAL TIME: 07:30 hours.
40º max Slopes in the Couloir named Canal Fonda and descending by the area of Forau de la Neu (see the maps).
Ridge walk to the Summit of Posets is dangerous in some parts, either in summer and winter.

GEARS: Ice-axe and crampoons.

Everybody in the hut goes to the Posets today.

After wake-up and have a breakfast, we prepare the back-packs, put on crampons, and begin the route.

You have to turn on the left as you get out of the hut. That´s the path to follow. In winter, there are footprints on the snow.

Once you arrive to the area of 'Collado de la Plana', be careful to turn on your left, upwards. That's the way to the peak Posets and the pass of 'Collado de eriste'. From here we can see the peaks 'Diente de Llardana' and 'Tuca Alta'.

A few metres ahead, the footprints is partially-covered.

After ascend the slopes towards the lake named 'Ibón de Llardaneta'. Soon we're at the base of 'Canal Fonda'. Finally, begins the dawn.

Entering the 'Canal Fonda', still dark.

Looking back over the ridges named 'Crestas del Forcau', seeing the mist over Province of Lleida.

Remaining footsteps to the pass 'Collado de Llardana'.

The dawn above Massif of Maladetas. See the Peak 'Tuca Alta' in front of us.

We are in the second part of the 'Canal Fonda'.

This last slope becomes hard to do. It gets steepen and the snow is runny, despite is early in the morning.

We are almost at the end.

We make a 'pit stop' and spent a while by taking some pictures.

We are closed to 'Collado de Llardana'. This last slope got hard to do.

Finally, from the 'Collado de Llardana' we see the ridge at right-hand is named 'Espalda del Posets'.

Southwards is the Peak 'Diente de Llardana', a big mole seeking for the sky.

From the left to the right, is the Peak Las Espadas and Tuqueta Roya.

It's a sunny day, the overview is amazing.

We also see the footprints to climb the 'Diente de Llardana'.

From here to the summits still 350 meters - 1.150 feet remaining unevenness.

That's the way.

See the Canal Fonda on the background, and further the Massif of Turbón.

From the left to the right, we see the Peaks 'Diente de Llardana', the Cotiella is on the background, the Peak Pavots and closer the 'Tuca de la Forau de la Neu'.

Be holding... :)

Our shapes on the Espalda del Posets.

We are near the middle of the ridge walk.

After that point the last remainig steps. The ridge gets more dangerous, so we'll be careful.

There I am walking across the ridge.

Mane is walking a few steps ahead of me.

Westward, the slope down to the Forau de la Neu.

Now I am really close to the summit.

From here, we can see the whole path we've been tracking from the hut.

There is the Summit of Posets.

It took us 3 hours and 30 minutes to arrive to the summit. It's an utterly clear day.

The Ridge of the Espadas from the vertex.

The Summit of Posets (3.375 m - 11.072 ft).

As we said before, this a great viewpoint of the Pyrenees. It's a great day, feel warm as an spring day.

Panoramic outlook towards Ordesa, Peak La Munia and Peak Bachimala.

On the down, the Valley of Viadós.

Zooming the Peaks named 'las Tres Sorores', in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

The Massif of Vignemale, the most Alpine-seemed group of mountains in the Pyrenees.

Panoramic view northwards. On the right, the Massif of Perdiguero.

The Ridge of Bardamina, on the background the Massif of Perdiguero.

Panoramic view of Valley of Benasque. The Massif of Maladeta on the centre.

Zooming the Ridge of Cregüeña.

Watching from the Peak Maldito to highest-top-of-Pyrenees-Peak Aneto and at last, the Peak Tempestades. We also see the famous Couloir named 'Corredor Estasen', an spectacular access to the Peak Aneto.

The Massif of Cotiella on the background.

In front of us the ridge of Eristes. Right-handed, part of the Ridge to Espadas. Far away, on the right, is outlined the Peak 'Tozal de Guara'.

There I am with the Espadas and the 'Tuca de Llardaneta' over my shoulder.

We spent 45 minutes on the top. From now on, we are descending down to the Peak 'Tuqueta Roya'. Then we'll go down by the 'Forau de la Neu'. This is the most usual and easy way to descend on skis; not much interesting to go walking. Actually, the most of the mountaineers gets back by same way. So we decide to go to 'Forau de la Neu', in order to make a circle route.

Boths of us, kept by the Monte Pedido.

Both of us, with Peak Aneto on our backs.

Descending to the Peak Tuqueta Roya. we have to descend the slope till the pass, wich is the end of Couloir 'Jean Arlaud'. A few feet up and we are on the summit of Tuqueta Roya.

Firstly is the Tuqueta Roya from the Peak Posets.

The Couloir Jean Arlaud.

From here, a few feet up and we are on the summit of Tuqueta Roya and we arrive soon.

See on the background the Peaks Tuca de LLardaneta and Las Espadas.

The Summit of Tuqueta Roya (3.276 m - 10.748 ft).

Again, the Peaks of Las Espadas and Tuca de Llardaneta from Tuqueta Roya.

We get back to the pass over the Couloir Jean Arlaud. From there, we'll go down to Forau de la Neu, surround the West and South sides of the Diente de Llardana. We'll pass between 'el Diente' and Peak Tuca de la Forau de la Neu. After this, we will take back the Canal Fonda, and finall, the same way as we came from.

The long slope till the base of the Diente de Llardana.

Looking back to Forau de la Neu.

Somebody is near the Collado de Llardana.

A bit closer.

'El Diente' raises like an spike.

I walk ahead of Mane.

Mane falls behind.

Zooming the pass between 'Las Espadas' and 'Tuca de Llardaneta'.

We've left behind the pass between 'Diente de Lladana' and 'Tuca Forau de la Neu'.

And now we head for the South-East.

After surrounding 'el Diente', we descend by a steep slope, back to the entrance of the 'Canal Fonda'.

On the right 'el Diente'.

Finally, we're back again, on the route directly to the Hut of Angel Orús, heading for the South-East.

Now we are near to the hut, heading for the South.

The Peak named 'Pic d'es Corbets' or Peak Perramó, wich is such interesting form me.

The Valley of Eriste, southwards.

After 7 hours walking and climbing, arrive to the hut. Feel so good.

This is the signal wich is next to the hut.

We leave the equipment in our lockers, and go upstairs to the hall, for resting and having the dinner.

We're tyred, but feel good. This was a great day.

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