We’ve been requested for testing an interesting device useful for outdoor activities: SPOT CONNECT.

SPOT CONNECT is a device that turns your Smartphone into a Satphone.

Spanish version in this link: SPOT CONNECT DE SPOT.

At the Summit of Maou Peak (3.074 m).

We’ve made the most of our trip to Pyrenees in order to fully test the SPOT CONNECT.

The single requirement to make use of the Spot Connect is having a Smartphone under Android or an Iphone as well.

Despite some opinons founded in the net, we’ve chosen a Samsung Galaxy that works under Android. We’ve had no problems in downloading and installing the SPOT CONNECT APP. Again, we’ve had no problems connecting via Bluetooth to the device with the Android.

At the Pic Long Summit (3.192 m).

Follow this steps in order to prepare your Spot Connect as to full working:

1. Create a Spot account to register as user and to activate your device Spot Connect. From the main page of SPOT, click on MY ACCOUNT in order to register or to access your account. By clicking on START ACTIVATION and after that CONFIGURE NEW ACCOUNT that’s how we’ll activate the SPOT CONNECT. According to the services purchased, the total cost will be variable. Services are: Basic, unlimited Track Progress, type and send text, SMS pack.

2. Download the app SPOT CONNECT APP via your Smartphone on iTunes or else on Android Market. The app will be self installed.

3. Activate your Smartphone Bluetooth, before activate the app. This part is very important, in order to assure the right connection between both devices.

4. Switch on the Spot Connect and wait for your Smartphone to detect and link your Spot Connect. You’re only doing this at the first time, afterwards, the app will work automatically.

5. Once both devices are linked, we can start making use of the functions and services that we’ve previosuly had activated in our account.

6. From now on, you can activate your Bluetooth in both devices in any order, so they’re linked and the app will works automatically.

The connection is immediate.

These are the available functions of the SPOT CONNECT:

- SOS: Requesting for help in emergency case.This includes the GPS location coordinates, to be registered in the International Center of Emergency GEOS. The device will send a signal as long the battery lasts.

- Help: Requesting for help to your family and friends every 5 minutes during 1 hour.

- Chek-in/OK: This includes two modes: sending of messages predefined in your account or otherwise, short messages created on the way. The messages will be sent via email and/or SMS to our contact groups. Your current position will be indicated in the message as well, through the Website of SPOT. This way, our position will be known by our friends and family, even when our mobile pone is out of range.

- Track Progress: Regiser your activities tracking your position in Google Maps, so that they shall be shared in our account in SPOT ADVENTURES. Thay can be also visualized real time by our SPOT contact groups.

- Social Network: Publicate the messages sended in your activities in FACEBOOK and TWITTER along with our current position in SPOT.

The protection label SOS button, just under the switch on button... Central Range, South America (2011/10/23).

Some remarkable features of the Spot Connect are:

- Uses batteries 2 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8X (L91), wich lets them long last. Actually, is the durability of your Smartphone battery the very factor regarding this issue, due to the consumption of energy needed to maintain the Bluetooth link.

- It’s almost plenty of sat range all over the world SPOT TECNOLOGY except, obviously, in caves or hollow valleys.

Click on SPOT CONNECT to find complete information about this.

The Price for Europe of the Spot Connect device is on the range of 150-200 €. To make use of Spot Connect features, is necessary to purchase the Basic Spot Services with a minimum payment of 99 € per year.

For further information about all de the services provided with the Spot Connect click on: SPOT SERVICES.

Waiting at Pic Long Summit (3.192 m).

We’ve been sending pre-definded messages and short messages from many different places including Spanish main ranges, French Pyrenees to isolated areas in Central America; many times, out of range.

All of our messages have been received on time by our contact groups in their cell phones or emails. Them all could check out our position by clicking the links attached with the messages. We felt a bit more comfortable knowing that they were informed and conscious of our outdoor activities, specially when out of range for some days.

At the same time, all of our delivers were published on MY FACEBOOK PROFILE y en MY TWITTER PROFILE. This messages have been widely greeted by our friends and family.

Remember all the messages included our position through the Website SPOT either by email or FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

Sending a messages from the Pic Long (3.192 m).

It takes 10-15 minutes to completely send a messages, depending on the hour of the day.

Besides the SOS function, wich hopefully we needn’t to make use of it, we haven’t check out the Track Progress function, due the short durability of the Smartphone battery while working the Bluetooth. Actually, this is the useless function of this device, but because of Smartphone capability.

Last message in the journey at Maou Peak (3.074 m).

Our final conclusión is that SPOT CONNECT is very useful device for every outdoor activities, increases very much your personal safety, is helpful in emergency situations, worths less than a standard satphone, and works fine under Mac iOS or Android. It’s a bit cheeky the possibility of publish your outdoor activities in your social network, but, by the way, gives to more people the knowledge of your position.

We’ve chosen this device, as our best friend when walking, hiking, climbing or visiting any place just far from civilization. SPOT CONNECT is our new guard angel.

Volcán Barú (3.475 m), in Panamá (2011/11/04).

This is the first time we have test material... we expect not to be the last one...


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